1. Put in am, is or are

John afraid of dogs.

It 10 o'clock. You late again.

I hot. Can you open the window please.

2. Put the verbs in the right form

Listen! Pat (play) the piano.

The Earth (go) round the Sun.

3. Choose the right answer

The Chinese __________ printing.

has invented
have been invented

Ow. I __________ myself.

had burnt
have burnt
has burnt

It __________ for two hours. But now we can go out.

had been raining
has been raining
was raining

When I arrived at the party, Tom __________ home.

has already gone
had already gone
have been already going

4. Fill in a/an or the if necessary

There was knock on door. I opened it and found small dark man in blue overcoat and woolen cap.

He said he was employee of gas company and had come to read meter

But I had suspicion that he wasn't speaking truth because meter readers usually wear peaked caps